Ecology and Wind Farms

Planning applications for wind power projects have increased in recent years. They require comprehensive ecological assessment, and larger schemes may require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


What we do

Our expert team has designed and implemented ecological assessments for a variety of wind power projects throughout the UK, ranging from small-scale single turbine schemes to larger multi-turbine wind farms. Wind power projects often require more complex ecological assessments than standard development projects, and we are experienced in undertaking specialist assessments for ‘high risk’ species groups (e.g. bats and birds) in accordance with current best-practice guidance.

Middlemarch Environmental understands that each wind power project is different and has a proven track record of liaison with local authority ecologists and Statuary National Government Organisations in order to define the most pragmatic and cost effective scope of works for each project.


Middlemarch Environmental has extensive experience of providing cost-effective ecological solutions, including the following wind power specific assessments:

  • Ecological and Ornithological Impact Assessment
  • Bird Surveys, inc. Vantage Point Counts, Breeding Bird Surveys and Wintering Bird Surveys
  • Collision Risk Analysis for Birds
  • Bat Surveys, inc. Initial Daytime Assessments, Activity Surveys and Automated / Static Surveys
  • Post Construction Bird Monitoring, inc. Fatality Searches
  • Post Construction Bat Monitoring, inc. Fatality Searches.

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