Ecological Impact Assessments

Ecology plays a key role in Environmental Impact Assessments, providing survey data and assessments of potential ecological impacts.

All assessment works are completed in accordance with current ecological best practice guidelines such as the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management ‘Guidelines for Baseline Ecological Assessment, Institute of Environmental Assessment’.


What we do

Middlemarch Environmental can support your project through our experienced senior staff and our large team of ecologists to provide ecology surveys to meet your timescales. Our GIS capability also adds significantly to your final reports and Environmental Statement production.

Ecological Impact Assessment Process

Using ecological survey data collected either by our team of experienced ecologists, or from previously completed reports, Middlemarch Environmental can produce either a stand-alone Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) or the ecology and nature conservation chapter for a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The experienced Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) team will carry out all necessary liaison with statutory and non-statutory nature conservation consultees and any desk study or research required ensuring a thorough and well-informed ecological impact assessment.  The ecological impact assessment is an iterative process, requiring close team-working with other specialist consultants to ensure that any mitigation measures are incorporated into the scheme layout at an early stage and wherever possible, designed features can be used for dual purpose mitigation (e.g. habitat creation on bunds designed to provide noise / visual barriers).


Middlemarch Environmental has extensive experience of carrying out Ecological Impact Assessments for a range of projects including: rail and road projects; large-scale business park developments; waste-to-energy plants; large-scale housing schemes; smaller-scale industrial and housing developments; and mineral extraction projects.  

The following services are provided by the Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) team:

  • High-quality ecological surveys to inform EcIA works
  • Determination of baseline ecological conditions and nature conservation evaluation
  • Assessment of potential effects and development of creative ecological solutions to mitigation
  • Liaison with nature conservation consultees
  • Working with client’s wider Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) team to ensure joined-up thinking for mitigation solutions
  • Assessment of ‘in-combination’ schemes
  • Determination of residual effects

Where necessary the EcIA team will also carry out Appropriate Assessment work in accordance with the Habitats Directive (1992).

Case Studies

You can read some case studies describing how we have helped clients with Ecological Impact Assessments.


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